Internet or digital marketing has been around for so many years now and although it still has its uses, SEO has become the new standard when it comes to promoting your website.

This is not to say that digital marketing doesn’t have its place in helping increase traffic to your website; I am just saying that the vast majority of efforts are mostly towards the use of SEO nowadays, with the corporate world having entire businesses that focus on selling SEO packages.

Anyway, there are new trends that will change the way we do digital marketing to help improve site traffic. Here are just some of them:

  • Prominent Use of Videos

Now, hold on for a second. You might be thinking that we already use videos in our content and on our websites. That is true, however, most content creators still rely on the written word more than using just video content.

However, according to most surveys, video content will become king in coming years. So, expect to see more videos pop up when you visit any website any time soon.

  • Credible Articles Will Be a Thing

In today’s world, when you just have articles that contain interesting and informative data, you will be fine. However, Google and other search engine algorithms will be tweaked to suit content that includes credible sources.

So in the future, gone are the days where good content will suffice. You will then need to create content that not only provides good information, but you also have to cite your sources of data as well.

  • Snippets Invasion

If you have pretty good content– so good that it provides the most suitable solution to the user’s query, then it will be featured as a snippet and it will be placed prominently on the top portion of the SERPs.

As Google announced, there will be more emphasis on the use of Snippets in the near future. So long as you have articles that satisfy the user’s intent the most, then it will most likely be the one featured on the top of the page.

  • Mobile-First Philosophy

As more and more people use their smartphones to access the internet, people who just employ the traditional SEO tactics will have to revisit their strategies since Google now demands websites to become more mobile friendly.

On top of that, there is also an emphasis for site loading speeds as well as easier navigation. Once you’ve made your website mobile-friendly, you’re going to get a boost in ranking.

  • Searching Information on Social Media

Social media has become a thing so much so that it is being used as a secondary search platform for information.

For instance, you can search for your favourite artist, group, or band directly on the platform and you can find a lot of information about them as well.

Although search engines are still the primary choice when it comes to looking for specific information, it would seem that social media are a close second.


Poker card rooms far and wide keep on topping off with excited strategists and players, all looking to out-perform each other on their approach to acing the diversion. In spite of a considerable lot of these card rooms involving space inside authorized gambling clubs (both block and concrete and online poker locales), poker is novel in that players are not attempting to beat the house, only their kindred players.

This leaves the club with an issue; they burn through cash giving the offices, workforce, and programming to have online poker recreations, however, are not paid for doing as such. This is the place the poker rake comes in. The Maxbet is basically a commission that the gambling club goes up against each hand played, and is the most well-known methods for producing income from its card room (on a related side note, tips, as a rule, establish the main part of the merchant’s salary).

Pot Rake

A pot rake – the broadest practice in both reality and online organizations – includes the merchant, on the fruition of a hand, redirecting around 5%-10% of the aggregate sum wager amid the hand, before storing it in a protected box. For the most part, no commission will be grasped on hands that don’t see a slump – the initial three network cards – so blinds just return to the champ of the hand without a rake.

Profound Drop

In some cases, however infrequently, diversions inside a physical clubhouse will include the player in the merchant position setting out a concurred commission before any cards are even managed. This is known as a dead drop and, since the merchant catch moves around with each hand, it guarantees that players bring about generally parallel expenses.

Coordinated Collection

The main other strategy for taking an online poker rake is the point at which a poker room demands a coordinated gathering. In this impossible situation, players contribute towards a settled total after generally every half hour of play. It’s significant that all land-based card rooms will actualize one of these strategies, as a rule, the first. Notwithstanding, some online poker destinations have created different frameworks whereby a rake won’t be taken.

No Rake

To a great extent, this is utilized as a motivating force for players to come back to a site and go to other, more productive territories of its business (Roulette and Blackjack, for instance). Some online poker recreations will include a plan called a rake back whereby clients are given back their bit of the rake as a reward for playing routinely. Online card rooms like those on Betfair

Poker enable you to exploit this plan.

The online poker rake, along these lines, is an inescapable piece of the diversion and one that ought not to influence players system at all. In any case, just on the off chance that you believe you re in effect bamboozled next time you play, simply recall that the clubhouse must be paid in some way or another.

Advanced showcasing is a fundamental segment of your general promoting system. Picking the correct advertising accomplice to recount your image’s story is basic. It is critical that you know the correct things to ask and key things to search for while picking the privilege computerized promoting agency to line up with. The following are seven key inquiries that will enable you to settle on your choice based on social media campaign services.

What are your objectives in joining forces with an advanced advertising agency?

Before setting up revelation gatherings with various offices, you have to know three key things:

  1. Why would you like to contract a computerized promoting agency?
  2. What do you need them to improve the situation you?
  3. What is your financial plan?

The responses to these inquiries will encourage you and the agency discourse about how to use computerized promoting to manufacture your image.

What questions would they say they are inquiring?

The quality and profundity of inquiries you are asked by the agency will give you signs about their general comprehension of computerized advertising and how they might have the capacity to apply it to recounting your image’s story.

What does winning resemble?

Prior to putting resources into a promoting or business activity, you must have an end objective as a primary concern. Regardless of whether it is producing more leads to your business group, expanding online business deals, or creating more brand mindfulness, you and the agency need to comprehend what you are attempting to achieve.

How would they measure achievement?

Information is the foundation of fruitful advertising techniques. Solicit the agency what kind from apparatuses they use to survey promoting execution. You additionally need to know how regularly and in what way that information will be introduced to you.


Do you confide in them?

In view of your impression of the agency and your cooperations with them, do you trust they will have the capacity to convey results?

Do you trust they will be straightforward if things are not working out as expected?

Do you like them?

Depending on how much advertising you need the agency to improve the situation your image, you or colleagues be spending a ton of time working with agency colleagues. You should be open to working intimately with the agency’s group all the time.

Do they try to do they say others should do?

Contribute some time investigating the agency’s social media channels, site, blog, and other advanced channels. Do you like what you see? Do you feel that your involvement in the business procedure lines up with what they are doing?

Picking the privilege computerized advertising agency is an essential choice for each association that redistributes promoting capacities.

Settling on the wrong decision can cost you time, cash, and contrarily affect your image.


A lot of people can come up with some great ideas and they want to bring them to life in the form of apps. There are so many apps out there, but those that are on the top will often get installed, leaving others in the dust. If you want your app to become successful, you need to know what to do. Here are some keys to success when it comes to building mobile application development:

1. See if Your App Idea Makes Sense

Just about anyone can come up with a lot of app ideas, but most of them do not make sense when it comes to the market’s perspective. You see, you have to validate your ideas first in the sense that it can serve the customers better. Does it offer a good value proposition? Does it cater to the needs of the common man? Does it provide practical utilities? You can only answer those questions by doing some market research. See if your idea comes up in the search results in certain app stores and find out if it is a popular one. If it is, learn more about similar app ideas so that you can craft one that is much better than the competition.

2. Hire the Best Development Team

If you want your app idea come to fruition, you have to hire a team of developers to help you. Now, it is best that you hire a mix of junior and senior developers and here is why: If you hire mostly newbies, it will take a lot of time and the end product might not be the one you’re looking for. If you hire mostly senior programmers or people who have been in the industry for quite a while, you will have to pay a lot more, which is not possible for a small business or the common folk. That is why you seek developers with a good mix and asks the right price while also ensuring that the end application is up to par with your standards.

3. Choose Which Platform You Use for Deployment

There are currently two popular mobile operating systems out there: Android and iOS. Since this is your first app, you have to decide on only one platform first because it will be much costly if you have a cross-platform application. Research and see if going on one side is more beneficial for your app idea than the other. Look for similar apps and see if it is thriving on a particular platform or not.

4. Build an Optimized App

If you look at the top apps in the Playstore and App Store, you will find that they’re well- optimized for faster loading speeds and an overall optimal user experience. You should also do the same. Tell your developers that you want a nicely designed app complete with all of the features and it should be optimized for speed as well.

5. Put a Compelling Description on the Page

Once you’ve launched your app, you will be given your own separate page for people to look at. To help increase your downloads, you have to put some information about your application, making sure that it is as descriptive as possible. Doing so will allow potential customers to know what your app is all about. Also, it helps that you put your contact information like your own phone no. or email address so that
they can contact you directly.

6. Market Your App

One of the reasons why one app is so much popular than the other is that the more popular app was launched with some marketing strategies in play. The app developer might have promoted their apps on various social media platforms, their own website, and so on. You should also follow suit. Promote your app on your own social media accounts and if you have a blog, make sure to market it using the platform as well.


Anyone can come up with an amazing app idea, but only a handful stays relevant and popular. It is up to you to implement the above mentioned ideas so that you can enjoy a lot of success with your very own application.