Baby Care : Top Baby Essentials

  • Baby Diapers

This is the number one thing an infant needs. There are tons of baby diaper brands in Malaysia you can choose from, so make sure to pick the best one for your baby. Since a newborn can use at least 10 diapers each day, it’s best to stash around 50. That wouldn’t even last one full week, but that is already a great start. 

  • First Aid Kit 

A first aid kit must be ready in your home even before your baby arrives. Don’t worry. You can purchase one at the nearest drug store or department store. Pick the one that will best serve you and your child. Its content may vary, but a standard kit must include a baby acetaminophen, baby nail clippers, baby thermometer and bulb nose sucker. 

  • Baby Wipes

When it comes to baby wipes, it’s necessary to try several kinds and brands, until you find the best one for you and your child. High quality ones are, at times, the most expensive, but don’t worry. They are on sale most of the time. They are high quality and go on sale quite often. You wouldn’t want to run out of baby wipes. 

  • Breast Pump

Using a breast pump is a very personal choice for mothers. Also, it would depend on how you want to pump breast milk. If you are a mother who is always on the go, you might want to prefer manual breast pumping. 

  1. Burp Clothes

Burp clothes would be helpful, in case your little one makes a mess. Make sure to get a minimum of 6 burp clothes. 

  • Diaper rash cream or ointment 

Not all infants develop diaper rashes. However, in case your child gets one, it’s easy to get treatments. Aside from diapers, this is one of the most crucial baby essentials you must have at home.