How to Buy a Baby Stroller: 5 Different Types of Strollers

1.Umbrella or Lightweight Stroller

An umbrella stroller is for parents who are always on the go. It doesn’t have all the features of a full-sized stroller, but you can bring it anywhere you want. This kind of stroller is created for portability–some even comes with a reliable shoulder strap. It can also be folded easily, if you want to bring it on a train, bus or airplane.

2.Full-Sized Stroller

Are you looking for the most reliable baby stroller in Malaysia? Go for a full-sized stroller. This stroller is a great investment, because it can wheel your little one from infancy to her toddler years. Full-sized strollers are standard options for each family, since it is durable, big and sturdy.

Do you love bringing your child to the grocery store? With a full-sized storage, you can also make use of a roomy basket for extra storage.

3.Jogging Stroller

Jogging strollers are perfect for athletics moms and dads. Its superior suspension feature allows you to hike, jog or walk, and at the same time keep your baby in comfort. With this, maneuvering off and on the jogging trail would be easy! The front wheel can be both fixed for stability at much higher speeds, or can swivel for more flexibility.

4.Car Seat Carrier

Cat seat carriers have wheeled frame scared to turn your baby car seat to a stroller in just a second. Its main advantage is that it is lightweight and compact, and can be easily moved out of the car. But, babies can easily outgrow their infant seat quickly.

5.Travel System

A travel system is an easy-to-connect system, pairing together the stroller and infant car seat. There are lightweight, jogging and full-sized stroller travel systems. Make sure to pick the best one for your kid and your lifestyle.